Here are some photos of the church!


Sunny Spring Afternoon


Taken on Easter Sunday, 2014. Just after the service.


Interior of Church


There is seating for 300 including the upstairs south gallery. The beautiful wood finishing maintains an atmosphere of warmth conducive to worship.


The Communion Table



This is the centrepiece of the internal furnishings. The words "This Do In Remembrance Of Me" are carved along the front. At Holy Communion, the trays of wine glasses and plates of bread are placed on the Table. The elements of bread and wine are sanctified through prayer by the Minister and then distributed by elders to all who are present.

Communion Plate 1


The Communion vessels and plates are dated 1911 and indicate the origins and history of the Church as part of the United Free Church of Scotland before the Union of 1929.

Communion Plate 2


A closer View.

Centenary Stained Glass Window 1


The Centenary stained glass windows were installed in 2008. This window reflects 1908 and features a coal mine. The rain drops describe the wet climate in this part of West Lothian.

Centenary Stained Glass Window 2


This window reflects 2008. The brilliant sun describes the resurrection of Jesus Christ shining down on the Church. There are many other features to both the windows and an explanatory profile is present for visitors to read.

Boys Brigade Centenary Window 1


The Boys Brigade was founded in 1883 in Glasgow by William Smith.

Boys Brigade Centenary Window 2


Blackburn 1st Boys Brigade recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee (50 years).

How many crosses can you see?


Reformation theology indicates the empty cross signifying Jesus' once and for all sacrifice for our sins and His resurrection into eternal life for our salvation.

Baptismal Font 1


Baptism by sprinkling of water on the head is the normal practice in the Church of Scotland for babies, children and adults. An understanding of Christian faith on the part of parents of babies and children is required along with a promise to give the child access to Christian education. Adult baptism follows personal profession of Christian Faith and requires promises of commitment to the Christian life.

Baptismal Font 2


Here you can see more of the detail on the wood.

Star Of David


This is an unusual aspect of the Church's architecture. It is the symbol of Judaism. Why is it here? There have been residual connections among the people in this area with Easter Star, Masonry and the Orange Order.



The Gallery seats about 100. It is used weekly for Sunday morning worship and is required on special occasions including large funeral services.

Church Hall


The main Church Hall is in use on a daily basis. Church and community organisations use it regularly. It can be hired for appropriate functions for a modest fee. It seats 200.



The optimistic name derives from the positioning of the windows and the fact that the sun shines in from the west in afternoons and evenings. It comfortably seats 50 people.

Front Of Church 1


Built of brick and rough cast in 1908, the building reflects the faith of the mining community whose donations paid for its construction. In 2000 the building was re-rough cast and a new roof was installed. The funding was raised by appeal.

Front Of Church 2


Slightly different angle.

Front Of Church 3


Another angle

The Side of the Church.


Here you can see the entrance to the church hall.

The Manse


This Manse was built in 2005 to conform to Church of Scotland specifications. It has an office and reception suite which is separate from the family accommodation. This is used for small Church meetings and for the Mid-week Service. The congregation retain title to the previous manse adjacent to the Church. It is let to tenants.





Blackburn And Seafield Church Of Scotland

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