About The Church

This page is all about the church!


Finding Your Way About

Just drive down East Main Street until you see us, you can't miss it, it's a church!



You can see the church from the main street. There is a side street leading to the car park at the back.




If you are using a GPS to find us, the postcode is: EH47 7QR





The Church Hall Building

Here is a map of the church hall.


The church hall building contains the Church Hall, and the Sun-Lounge which we use for various events.


The church hall building also contains the kitchen and toilet facilities.


About Our Minister

Robert Anderson is our Minister and he has been with us since April 1998. He is evangelical stressing the radical challenge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and communicating its transforming and regenerating power in human lives.

Robert is an arts graduate, a gold medallist and first class honours graduate in theology of Glasgow University and holds a doctorate from Oxford University.


He served as a missionary theological lecturer in Africa, as parish minister in Overtown, as Chaplain to Edinburgh University and as development officer
for Carberry Tower before coming to West Lothian.

A strong critic of the way the Church of Scotland is managed, Robert has published two thought-provoking booklets on reforming the Church of Scotland called Who cares, wins and Changes in Spiritual Freedom in the Church of Scotland 1980 - 2005.


His other publications are the autobiographical Intimations of Love Divine, four meditations for Lent called Stop the world! I want to think and a lecture entitled Biblical Basis of healing Throughout the Ages.


Robert is also a hymn writer and in 2012 published a collection of new hymns called Grains of Gold.

Church History

As early as the 1100’s there has been evidence of the presence of a ‘Church’ in this area, and it is recorded that Blackburn became a Parish as early as 1335.


Since 1560, worship has taken place in Blackburn, eventually through the Church mission in property thought to be The Lindsay Hall.


In 1900 a union was formed by the United Presbyterian Church and the Free Church and this resulted in Blackburn having its own Church, the corner stone of which was laid in 1907, the sanctuary being finally opened and dedicated in June 1908, with the Manse reaching completion in October 1908.


In 1910 Blackburn was granted the right to become a separate charge, forming its own Kirk Session and Congregational Board and Rev Kerr was called as the first Minister.


The charge became known as a Church of Scotland in 1929 and became a self supporting congregation in 1956.

Since its initial construction, the building has seen little change, almost nothing other than cosmetic internally, and minimal external alteration with the exception of the ‘New Hall’ built to replace the Lindsay Hall, which, having been gifted by Rev J. Lindsay in 1936 had served the church well.


The property is in good condition and with the recent addition of the new Manse, is indeed a credit to those who, over the years have committed themselves to its upkeep.

The Church has had a varied and complex life, like so many such establishments in small towns and villages, but during its life it has retained an enviable reputation of a strong and happy family presence within the community.


It has been served by eight Ministers, namely:

Rev Kerr

Rev S.O. Stewart

Rev D.H. Tweedale

Rev D. Sutherland

Rev A. Fyfe

Rev D.C. Stewart

Rev J.A. Fletcher


And presently Rev Dr R. Anderson, who have led the Christian worship to the present time, after 100 years along the line.


It is great credit to each of them, and to the many dedicated office–bearers and members that the Church still has its place in this town, at a time when the Christian faith is being expressed and practiced by fewer people.


We hope that you have enjoyed learning a little more about our Church and that you will realise that your participation and continued profession of faith and support are essential to the well being and continued Christian Worship of this community.


Blackburn And Seafield Church Of Scotland

Scottish Charity Number: SCO 24154